Sinus Augmentation

When we experience tooth loss, our first thought typically shifts to what our smile will look at. But, tooth loss can affect oral health just as much – if not more – than appearance. This is why a sinus augmentation is sometimes needed prior to dental implant placement.

What is a Sinus Augmentation?

Loss of teeth in the back of your mouth (posterior teeth) may result in excessive forces being placed on your remaining teeth. Fortunately, the use of dental implants and crowns allow you to replace these missing teeth. However, the position of the sinus in the upper posterior areas may be too low for proper placement of dental implants.

A minor procedure, called a sinus augmentation in Coral Gables, FL, allows the sinus floor to be repositioned, creating enough space to properly place an implant. Various grafting materials are used to encourage your bone to grow more quickly into the area which helps to stabilize the dental implant.

An even simpler procedure can be utilized under certain conditions. When possible, the bone remaining under the sinus floor is gently “pushed up”, thus lifting the floor of the “dropped” sinus. Bone replacement materials are then placed beneath this lifted bone. Once again, the bone materials are replaced as your body grow new bone into this area.

What Does the Sinus Augmentation Procedure Involve?

Sinus augmentation procedures are highly predictable. The primary complication is infection, but our experienced staff of doctors does everything in their ability to prevent this from occurring. Following sufficient healing of a sinus augmentation in Coral Gables, FL (6-10 months), implants are placed in a predictable and successful manner.  

If the sinus augmentation procedure does not result in enough bone for implant placement, additional bone may be regenerated through a second sinus augmentation procedure at the time of implant placement.

Want to Know More About Getting a Sinus Augmentation in Coral Gables, FL?

When coming in for dental implants, not everyone needs a sinus augmentation in Coral Gables, FL. However, you still need a consultation to allow our dentist to thoroughly examine your oral health. So, contact us today to learn more and schedule your next appointment.

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