"I'm the worst patient."

Well, we certainly don't think so!

Comfort Dentistry has helped many patients, over thirty years, who believed themselves to be terrible patients. We are here to help when others can't.

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Comfortable dentistry

What Makes Us Different

At Comfort Dentistry, we focus on patients with high anxiety levels, in addition to those who want to be treated well. We consider ourselves to be experts in treating anxious patients with complex problems. While most dentists prefer not to work with anxious patients, we are here to help.

Stem Cell Bone Grafting

Stem cell based grafts are live cryo-preserved cells providing the essential bone forming cells. These grafts allow for excellent regeneration of the defect.

Easy Extractions

Natural teeth are very durable and don’t come out easily, but with the right instruments and a careful technique the whole experience goes so much smoother.

Over Dentures

Some dentists talk about using implants to help stabilize a denture but we believe it's best to keep a few of teeth in place in order to use your own natural roots to stabilize a denture.

Local Anesthesia

The purpose of anesthesia is to block pain and certainly doesn't have to involve a painful injection. Dr. Kimsey has an injection technique that is far more comfortable.

Our Practice

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Raymond Kimsey, DMD
University of Florida

Dr. Raymond Kimsey is a native of Florida receiving his dental degree from the University of Florida. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, he was selected for a hospital-based residency focusing on treatment of patients with advanced needs. During residency, Kimsey had extensive training in anesthesia, oral surgery and pediatrics. After residency, he remained active in the education of the hospital residents in the management of apprehensive patients....

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Dr. Kimsey is the best dentist around and his hygienists Georgeand Heather are the best. Thorough and caring. Polly, his office Manager, is very professional. I highly recommend Dr. Kimsey and staff.

Marcia B.

Jul 23th, 2018

Dr. Kimsey and staff are top notch and the best in Miami! I went in with some anxiety over dental work, and he has done a beautiful job with my teeth.  Everyone in the office makes you feel welcomed, and every procedure is carefully explained. I can't imagine ever going anywhere else again.

Vanessa K.

Jan 17th, 2017

Dr Kimsey is an amazing Dr. Very honest man and a pleasure to visit. You will never go to another dental office after having visited with Dr Kimsey and his staff. I look forward to my visits there and best of all I  never leave with any pain or discomfort!. Thank you

Lissette v.

Aug 26th, 2017

Dr Kimsey has been my dentist for a few years now and I would strongly recommend him.

Dhanedra P.

Sep 13th, 2018

I think the art of compassion is a frequently underestimated element of healing in many lines of care, especially in the realm of medicine. The skills exhibited by Dr. Kimsey and his team exemplify the importance of kindness, especially when performed in parallel with beautiful technique and high-quality treatment. Each procedure I've had here definitely lives up to the name of Dr. Kimsey's practice.

Allison n.

Sep 27th, 2019
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Question: Do I need sedation?

Answer: No! Self-proclaimed "sedation dentists" rely heavily on drugs in order to complete a procedure. This habit doesn't allow for patients to grow and overcome their anxiety. However, Comfort Dentistry supports the use of medication in combination with emphasis on eliminating the fear factors while building trust.
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